Rico Haarbosch is the new world champ!

After a week giving his best, youngster and Dutchmen Rico Haarbosch is able to call himself Kart World Champion 2016. It was a very close battle up to even the final race between him and a handful of other drivers that could still claim the title. Rico took 6 podium finishes in the qualifier rounds, he won his semi final race, and in the end, he took 3th place in the final. This was just enough to beat his fellow Dutchmen Ruben Boutens who became vice champion with only 2 points behind. Third place was claimed by the Swedisch driver Richard Javanainen. He also finished only with 2 points difference from Ruben. The KWC 2016 podium is completed with Dennis Holler on 4th place and Giovanni Baccellieri in fifth.

In the women ranking, there was really no hold on Selina Balneger from the Netherlands. The podium endend up being a complete Dutch victory. In second place, we find Anne D'hondt and on third position we find Nadia Balneger, the sister of Selina.

In the junior championship ranking, Rico Haarbosch again took the victory. The Belgian Giovanni Baccellieri came in second. Dutchman Mika Mathia concludes the junior podium on the third place.

In the master ranking it also came close with only 4 points of difference. In the end, it is the Italian Andrea Bisogni who claims this title. He finishes before the Austrian driver Roman Schneider. The Italian driver Luca Corvetto finished on third place.

The last podium is for the team championship. Bluestar 1 (with drivers: Mathias Grooten, Robin Borremans, Ruben Bouten, Tristan Foldesi) took the victory. Right behind them came The Dutch Value (Mats De Jong, Selina Balneger, Rico Haarbosch, Lorenzo Stolk). Third place is for Hola Lulu Costa Blanca (Matts Breckpot, Arnaud Teeuwen, Giovanni Baccellieri, Mateus Bartsch). Until the final race, nothing was decided for the team championship. A lot of deciding points were taken during the shootout qualification race before the semi final and the final.

The final results can be downloaded here:
Individual Ranking KWC 2016
Team Ranking KWC 2016

Pictures can be found on our facebook page: Kart World Championship FB