The KWC really is the championship that YOU can enter.

If you are interested in taking part, first of all check that you are eligible to enter by reading our basic terms and conditions:

- Entries will open November, 1th 2016 from 20:00 (Central European Time). All names on the driver list prior to this date, are because their entry was either earned in last year´s competition, or it was earned in a qualifier championship that finished before November 1th, or a credit from last year.
- Single category with weight leveled to 90Kgs, drivers must be 14 years old before the championship starts, and must be at least 1,5 meter tall.
- You must agree to abide by the KWC rules, terms and conditions.
- You must comfortably fit in adult Karts (1,5 meter tall) and supply your own padding if necessary.
- You must be a competent and safe Kart driver.
- You must behave well in and outside the track, being aware that marshall may disqualify you from the event without refund if they find unacceptable behaviour from your part or relatives and friends.
- If you do not manage to confirm your entry through this website please write to
- Entries can be refunded, but we charge a 50% fine. Refund must be requested in writing before May 27th
- KWC has placed 200 entries for sale, and entries will cost Eur 390,00 for all drivers that sign up AND PAY before January 30th. All entries paid AFTER january 30th will be charged at Eur 460,00.
- Every driver that signs up will be placed in the entry list with a yellow sign under his helmet. This yellow sign will remain for 30 days. After 30 days if the entry is not paid then the sign will turn red. Once we receive 200 entry forms we will start removing drivers with a red light starting by the oldest entry form received. When an entry is received the light will turn green. (This can take some time, we don't check our bank account every day)

To obtain the entry form please click HERE.